Open days

Our next Open Day will be National Mills Weekend on the 12/13th May 2018. With luck we will be milling flour by then.

Heritage Open Day (9th September 2017) was a busy day at Burton Mill with around 65 visitors.

More than 60 visitors attended our first National Mills Weekend Open Day on Sunday 14th May 2017. A few visitors recalled buying Burton Mill flour in the 1980s and others had interesting stories about the mill.

For details of other mills open see

Drive for the milling stones

More Machinery

View looking into the eastern sluice, standing in the old tail race

(reconstructed in the 1980's?)

View looking up inclined passage

View of tunnel under road. The eastern sluice can be seen at the far end, which is around 4m below the surface of Burton Pond.

It's remarkably clean & dry

 WSCC open eastern sluice. Sludge and debris beginning to move...

Water runs clear after 10 minutes... while the WSCC Dam Inspector inspects

Peter Hogan (WSCC ranger) by the eastern sluice valve