Fitting draught tube

18th February 2017

The bottom section of the draught tube had rusted through. A new section was fabricated in 3mm stainless steel and welded to the 1/4" plate of the top section. This pipe is designed to pull the water from the turbine and the taper has the effect of slowing the water before it meets the tail race. The original bottom section fouled the back wall of the old wheel pit so the new stainless section is offset forward.

Preparing to lower the pipe into the tail race

Scaffolding moved to carry the pipe to the turbine

Hoisting to pipe into place

Flushing water through to clear debris from the feed pipe (which would otherwise clog the turbine) and drain the silt from around the sluice

Video - Opening the sluice

Clearing the muck from the tail race

Two of the many mussels flushed from the feed pipe...

Turbine shed cut back ready for the arrival of the renovated turbine parts. The pipe from the turbine casing is catching the water leaking through the mill pond sluice.