Turbine dismantling

8:30 am, 11 May 2016. Turbine ready for dismantling.

Main shaft end cap removed then the end bearing is pulled away 

 Ted Stowell removing the rubber coupling (added in the 80s rebuild)

Thrust bearing assembly removed leaving the gland follower in place 

Ted offering encouragement to the final two vane shaft bushes

As the front cover was forced away the control shaft snapped

 Front cover finally free

Turbine shed opened to allow lifting access

A first view of the runner

2pm and time for lunch

The control vanes are rusted to their shafts which are fixed to the backplate

A couple of hours later the control links are removed. These will be fitted with bushes and reused. The flanges of the two driven vanes are quite a bit larger than the opening. This is going to be a problem.

A previous owner of the mill calls in for a cup of tea

Cutting away the linkage studs to allow a little more room for removal of the vane assembly

Ted and Gary removing the backplate

Removing the main shaft bearings and rear gland follower

More grinding to stop the vane assembly catching

One side of the vane assembly is clear but the other is jammed behind the cover

With great difficulty and a lot of hammering the vane assembly comes free

The runner came running out

It's now after 10pm and Ted's van is finally loaded. Ted leaves at 11pm on a 300 mile journey to his workshop in Shropshire where these parts will be restored to 'better than new' condition.