Turbine cleaning

September 2016 - Blast cleaning and painting of the turbine housing and pipe work

Preparation... Wayne from Sussex Blast Cleaning


 A rusted floor support gave way

All that remains of the main 8" I-section girder supporting the turbine and main shaft bearing is shown below. Holes unexpectedly appeared in the turbine housing and the turbine outlet pipe ('draught pipe')

The colour didn't look this green on the paint chart!

The outlet pipe is too rusted for simply plating over the holes and so will have to be removed. This will give much better access to the rotted main girders.

Ben rigging the hoist support ready for the lowering of the outlet pipe

Small problem of a cross brace being in the way. Soon cut away as welds were now mostly rust.

Tim manning the hoist

Hoping that piece of wood is strong enough...

Now safely out of the tail race - with Tim stuck in the pipe?

Ben inspecting the turbine

The full horror that is (was) the main turbine support

To be continued...