Roller Mill Restoration


Shown here in Brewhurst Mill, Loxwood, this fine old Hopkinsonā€™s Roller Mill was in need of a new home and so was kindly given to Burton Mill in 2017.


This particular mill was used to crush oats for animal feed. Its history is largely unknown but it probably pre-dates the 1899 fire which destroyed most of Brewhurst Mill. An 1883 advertisement from The Miller shows a very similar machine.


This type of mill crushes grain between two solid steel rollers which each weigh about 280kg (without the bearings and pulley). Moving them, and the equally heavy cast iron frame from the second floor at Brewhurst Mill was a challenge.


Now at Burton Mill the cleaned parts are ready for reassembly.


February 2020: Mill now fully working. Engaging the dog-clutch on the right of the image connects the mill to the turbine. There seems to be little demand for rolled oats so it is only used for demonstration. It does make quite a dramatic sound while shaking the building!